Sponsorship Programme - Masai Mara

Would you like to change a family’s life forever? Your US$50 gift of a solar light will:

  1. allow children to study
  2. save the family up to US$200 a year on kerosene, batteries and candles
  3. help reduce domestic violence
  4. help improve security and air quality
  5. encourage the use of green power

Our program donates these lights to the communities around the Masai Mara Game Reserve where humans and wildlife meet. Your gift of light will not only change a family’s life but will also help save the Masai Mara Game Reserve.


We will provide you with a photo of your sponsored family and put you in touch with them on mobile phone so you or your kids can call or SMS them to learn the impact of your donation.

If you’re only going to make 1 donation this year, this should be it.