What is the expected life of the solar panel?

In excess of 10 years.

What is the expected life of the battery?

The battery should last around 2 years with normal use. It can be easily changed.

What is the expected life of the bulb?

You do not need to replace the bulb. Its expected life exceeds 20,000 hours.

Can I connect 2 bulbs?

Yes. You can buy a 2nd bulb and connect it to the same power pack or you can buy the Sunlite 2 which comes supplied with 2 bulbs.

Can I connect a radio?

Yes. Sunlite4 can power a 6 volt radio. Sunlite1 and Sunlite2 cannot.

Does the light dim as the battery charge drops?

No. The light retains the same 85 lumen brightness and does not dim.

Does the battery charge when the weather is overcast?

Yes. On overcast days the Sunlite will still recharge but the speed of recharge is slower.

Will the battery lose its charge if the light is not used?

Yes. It is recommended that you leave the light switches in the OFF position to disconnect the battery. This will retain charge for your next use.

What maintenance do I need to do?

Very little. Clean the panel on the roof monthly as settling dust will reduce its effectiveness.

What phones can it charge?

The Sunlite comes with connector jacks to charge 4 phone types - Nokia thin, Nokia fat, Mini USB, Micro USB.