Sunlite 4 Launched

November 2012

Consumers have different needs and different budgets and this has resulted in the launch of Sunlite4 – a 4 bulb light that also power a 6 volt radio and charges phones.

Masai Mara Enjoys Solar

February 2012

The sunny climate of the Masai Mara is an ideal environment for the Sunlite and it is proving popular with the Masai communities around Talek River on the border of the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve

Sunlite 2 Launched

November 2011

Due to popular demand, a 2 bulb version of Sunlite was launched in November 2011. Known as Sunlite2, the product comes with 2 bulbs instead of 1. Sunlite1 will remain up-gradeable to a 2 bulb lighting solution with the 2nd bulb sold separately.

Access Kenya encourage solar use by staff

November 2011

A product demonstration day was conducted at the head office of Access Kenya in Nairobi. As the leading ISP in Kenya, Access Kenya strives to be socially responsible and encourage their staff to be GREEN as well.

Fairview Hotel Supports Green for Staff Xmas Present

December 2010

The Fairview Hotel in Nairobi chose the Sunlite as an ideal Christmas gift for all their 250 staff. Not only is the Sunlite a practical present, but also promotes green ideals at all levels within this eco friendly hotel.

Africa Heart Donate lights in Tsavo Kenya

July 2012

The Africa Heart Foundation chose Sunlite1 as their product of choice to donate to a community project near Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Over 200 lights were given to households to replace kerosene.

Rotary Club Sponsors School

April 2012 Rotary's Adopt a Village program aims to provide challenged rural communities with the basic things they need to lift themselves out of poverty. The Manyuanda Primary School has historically been the worse performers in the district and therefore were given Sunlite Solar Lights to help the children study in the evenings. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Nairobi.

Sunlite attends Naivasha Trade show

September 2012

The Sunlite sales team attended the Naivasha Horticultural Show where Kenyan flower exporters attended to view new ideas for their farms and their employees.