Binyaza Nsele: South Africa - Hangaza Area

“This light is good. We recommend it and we appreciate it to have it at our home. It shines well and is very bright even if there is no sun. We are able to charge all of our cell-phones at home. That makes us all happy. Our solar light works very well in such a way that we do not buy candles anymore. Even when there is a thunder-storm our electricity does not go away.

Our light has helped our school children. We call this light Sunlight because when the children come back from school they wash their uniform and the dishes because they know that in the evening they will be able to put on their sunlite to study and to do their homework. Even our neighbour's children come to study here. They passed their examinations very well because of this light.”

Baphandile: South Africa - Malangeni Area

“As for now, I stay in a house that has light. I did not think that I would live in a house with electricity. This electricity is very good to me because it does not end; it will always shine. It has never gone out since it was installed. It has never given me a problem. There are many people who say that they want it because they see it in my house.”

Anna Zikhale: South Africa - Oongwana Area

“I can say in my opinion it brought much change in our lives because it reduced the purchase of candles. It also helps to eliminate the fire accidents caused by candles which sometimes burn houses. It is not like before. It brings enough light that does not damage our eyes.”

Mazikhali Dlamini: South Africa - Othungwini Area

“My family was given the gift of “Khanya Njalo” (forever shining). From that day our life changed very much. We are living a better life through khanya njalo. We have light in the house. There is no darkness. Children are able to study, something which was difficult before. By bringing “Khanya Njalo” to us we are happy to see children doing their school work happily. We appreciate this very much. We are safe from fire caused by candles. Candles kill many people.

Now we are able to weave our mats at night. There is still light in the house even if there is no sunlight. We do charge our cell-phones. Other people come to charge their cell-phones and pay us R5.00 and we go and buy bread and children eat bread before they go to school. In our family it works very well. You can try it. It can change your life.”